Study of spaces
When designing the installations for a party or a banquet the study of the spaces is crucial.
 A basic rule is to decide “where” you want to decorate and focus there your efforts.
Unnecessarily dispersing your decorations just to fill the voids doesn’t get you any closer to your goal, it is actually a waste of energy and money. Those are decorations that nobody will notice.
The secret is to draw the attention of the guests to a specific spot, a corner, a niche and valorize that area significantly. Placing objects and decorations without a meaning is counterproductive. As always, less – with taste and in the right places – is more!

Color harmonization
Marriages often have a color theme, perhaps in combination with other colors and nuances. Just be careful not to use too many colors or you will end up getting married in a painter’s palette!


In addition to the standards, like flowers and candles, very often perfection in weddingset design”, to use a filmmaking metaphor, is achieved through the use of different objects and “props”, always in harmony with the theme of the wedding of course, suggested and found by Wedding Planner & Designer.

If for your Italian Wedding you would like to have a traditional Italianconfettata” (Italian confetti are sugar coated almond candies, very typical in Italian Weddings) you must not make the mistake of just having some confetti vases on a table. It would hold no meaning and, again, we want to avoid that! Confetti are a traditional marriage symbol but need to be presented in a proper context, that includes flowers, lights, lanterns and cakes, decorative elements that combine to create a harmonious, refined whole. The secret is to play with the heights, that’s what gives dynamism to the decoration!

If you have chosen an important historical venue, charming and beautiful, my advice is to pay great attention to the beauty of the tables. Create a snappy and charming table-setting and invest on centerpieces, cutlery and table linens.

 Finally, if the venue offers different settings, it can be even more fun to play with a casual shabby-style aperitif on the grass and an elegant poolside dinner, on the terrace or in the frescoed halls. This way your guests can move throughout the party and get a 360° experience of the venue.