The Right Tuscan Wedding Planner Will Make You Feel Like Royalty for Your Exclusive Tuscan Wedding

Parts of the world are truly hard to reach for the average person. They’re designed for the elite to experience. To get in, you have to have the right connections.

When you’re planning for your Italian wedding, work with a Tuscan wedding planner to ensure you get the most amazing experience possible and have access to everything you desire for your special day.

Imagine waking up to a soft breeze, birds chirping, curtains swaying gently in the morning sun. You dress and walk through historic stone passages.

There’s breakfast waiting, prepared by a chef who cooks authentic Italian cuisine. Your friends and family greet you in the courtyard where you sit surrounded by manicured greenery, enjoying coffee and espresso with your breakfast.

You make plans with some friends to hike the beautiful countryside, while others in your group decide they’d rather lounge poolside in the afternoon sun. You plan a trip to nearby Buonconvento village, one of the most beautiful villages in all of Italy. As you wander about, you’ll feel as though time has never passed.

It’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of for a romantic Italian wedding.

The only people around you are your loved ones and a small staff dedicated to you. You’re in a truly exclusive Italian retreat. It’s a sanctuary from the hustle of your normal life.

You’re at the Borgo Finocchieto.

Renovations took eight years, but the final result is a fully restored 800-year-old village. Five stunning villas house 22 luxury suites and a small staff to wait on you and your guests during your wedding.

The Borgo provides a private chef, swimming pools, a well-stocked wine cellar, tennis courts, spas, theater, golf course and much more. It has everything you need for an exclusive Italian getaway.

This all looks over the rolling Tuscan countryside. The layout is designed to encourage your guests to interact and bond. Lounge in gardens or poolside and relax into the calming nature and luxury around you.

This exclusive village is perfect for your next family reunion or the destination wedding of your dreams.

If you opt for a three-day wedding event at a place like the Borgo, you can hold your wedding ceremony in a nearby castle, just a three minute walk away. The right Tuscan wedding planner can ensure the décor, entertainment, and cuisine makes you feel like royalty.

We take the stress out of your events and ensure they go off without a hitch.


The Right wedding planner is Your Key to Exclusive Italian Locations

Many stunning places in Italy are closed to the general public. But a good wedding planner in Italy has the connections you need to unlock a world of luxury. The right connections are all it takes to ensure your trip is exactly what you want.

So when you’ll accept nothing but the Tuscan wedding you’ve always dreamed of, we’ll help you get it.

Are you ready to plan the dream wedding you’ve always wanted? Contact us today.