Overlooking the Val d’Orcia, one of UNESCO’s most stunning World Heritage Sites, La Foce lies nestled in the hills in Southern Tuscany. This three-story villa and the surrounding gardens are one of the most exclusive Italian wedding destinations where the ultimate fairy-tale weddings take place.  How magical is this stunning, mystical valley? Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” was set in the rolling green hills. Even in the eyes of major filmmakers around the world, there is no other destination more perfect for a magical, romantic wedding.

La Foce takes the magic of the surrounding hillsides and incorporates the beauty into its renaissance architecture and extraordinary gardens. The villa was built in the late 1600s when, at the time, it was a popular tavern. But, in a nation torn by war and poverty in the centuries to come, La Foce and the surrounding villages were nearly abandoned.

That is, until Antonio and Iris Origo bought the estate in 1924. The couple worked with famed architect Cecil Pinsent to bring life back into the old building and surrounding grounds. As they worked to restore the estate, they helped to boost the local economy too. 

Today, the property features six unique buildings, WiFi, and a private pool. It sits comfortably midway between Florence and Rome, and surrounded by several other iconic Italian towns like Pienza, Montepulciano, Siena, and Arezzo. 

But even when you consider the marvelous architecture and picturesque landscape, the gardens alone are worth the trip. They took over a decade to design and implement from 1925 to 1939, as the plans kept growing as Pinsent worked. 

Among the blooming wisterias and lemon trees, brides and grooms for centuries have had unique, phenomenal weddings that are befitting of a fairy tale.

Step outside any of the buildings in La Foce and you’re immediately surrounded by verdant, well-maintained greenery. There’s a traditional, formal Italian garden of boxy hedges creating small unique “rooms” where lemon trees grow in terracotta pots, perfuming the air. 

But in other areas of the gardens, wisteria blossoms bloom across pergolas, lavender makes the air fragrant, and herbs grow aplenty. Rose bushes, pine and cypress trees, and cherry trees shade guests in the midafternoon sun. 

Throughout the garden a guest can stumble upon 17th-century stone statues, or fountains that dot the landscape.

When you get married at such a picturesque location, quality photography has to be a top priority. Pictures at La Foce are an essential part of immortalizing your wedding day. The astonishing landscape, greenery, and architecture sets the backdrop for photography that’s completely irreplaceable and inimitable. 

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