In recent years, the number marriages of British couples in Umbria increased considerably and for a number of reasons.

Maybe it would be useful to give you a couple of examples of how Umbria is an amazing place:
for those who do not know about it yet, Umbria, is the region where the great entrepreneur Brunello Cucinelli – an Italian fashion designer and eponymous chief executive of his brand, the man also known as “The Cashmere King” – decided to restore at his expenses an entire hamlet, Solomeo, and place there the offices and workshops of his company, a well renown symbol of excellent craftsmanship and of the Italian spirit in the world.

Of course this is just one simple example but it tells a lot…
Talking about marriages, Solomeo, is a place where craftsmanship marries human dignity, thus creating a very high quality-of-life-standard. Brunello Cucinelli‘s knitwear laboratories in particular, a place where, employees can have lunch with genuine local products daily, meals that for many factory workers would represent a real luxury.

This would not have been possible without the courage, resourcefulness and enthusiasm of Brunello Cucinelli but at the same time wouldn’t have been possible without the landscape and history and culture of Umbria’s wonderful territory and the twelfth century hamlet of Solomeo’s beauty.
Solomeo is one of many unforgettable hamlets, villages and boroughs in Umbria, perfect frames for your fairytale wedding, even more so for British ones thanks to the Perugia-London connection, that allows you to reach the Umbrian territory with just a 2 hour flight.

So if you ever want to scout the area and thus decide to come and visit Umbria’s magical landscapes, you will find me waiting for you at the airport when you land in Perugia. I’ll be welcoming you and escorting you, showing you all the Wedding Venues of charm and beauty that a beautiful region such as Umbria can offer. It will be two unforgettable days for you: you will be surrounded by nature, art, history and, above all, you will get to choose the perfect location to celebrate the most important day of your life. I will guide you in the process, putting at your disposal all of my knowledge and years long experience in the field.
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