After years helping couples shaping their perfect Italian wedding, I have come up with a short list of fundamental things that you must always keep in mind when choosing the venue for your wedding:

1) Love the venue
As for your spouse, when you’ll find the right one you’ll just know it… This factor often comes at the expense of others but it goes without saying that you have to love the venue you choose, this is the number one priority.

2) Plan B
The perfect wedding venue has to offer the possibility of implementing a backup plan.
Of course we all hope for blue skies and sunshine in the most important day of our lives but unfortunately the weather is the only factor we cannot predict (literally, everything else we can manage). Therefore, some indoor space in case of rain is fundamental. And it should not be just a single space, but two! One for the welcome aperitif, the other one for dining. Or another solution could be to rent a marquee.

3) Accomodation
Your Italian wedding is an opportunity to bring together your loved ones and spend a weekend with them, thus you should check the capacity of the Venues. Proper ones often offer rooms, in some cases they offer apartments, sometimes both. Some Venues can accommodate 25 people, others 45, others 60, just be sure to choose the one that fits your needs.

4) Ceremony
You should always check if it is possible to hold a Legal Ceremony in the Venue. There are Venues that allow Civil Ceremonies, where the local municipality sends a bailiff to officiate, some other venues have a Church or Consecrated Chapel for Religious Ceremonies.
In this case you should always check with the local Curia or with the Celebrant if they are willing to celebrate the Ceremony out of their Church, since sometimes they don’t but it is always worth asking your Wedding Planner to find that out for you. In any case it is always possible to celebrate a Symbolic Ceremony at the Venue. We will find an officiant and take care of all the details.
There are so many Wedding Venues in Italy, especially in Tuscany and Umbria, this is why our most important and last tip, is that you do not to spend weeks on websites reading reviews that are often not verified and unreliable.
It is stressful and you would never be 100% sure…
We at Paolo Cicognani Weddings & Events, have personally visited all the venues we propose and we can suggest the most appropriate one for your needs! Just fill out the form, we will reply very soon.