You have decided to get married in Italy with your fiancé. Italy has always been the Wedding Destination of your dreams. So, you need to start. It is the beginning of the greatest adventure of your life!

Here below few advice to not go wrong with your Wedding Venue research:

1) Do not be affected by all those web sites where they state you arrange a Wedding with ridiculous budgets. I have never seen anything great with those.

2) You work and want to reach your Wedding Day without stress. Speak with a Wedding Planner on Skype or Facetime and check if there is a good feeling between you both and the planner. That’s what makes the difference. A good feeling. Then you start talking about budget. Reliable planners will tell you what’s the average budget for a nice Wedding. Do not think you are omnipotent, you are not, everybody develops their skills during every day work. You on your job, Wedding Planners on theirs.

3) Ask your Wedding Planner what Venues would suit you, based on budget, number of guests and outdoor/indoor spaces. A knowledgeable planner knows the venues much better than you or can go for a site inspection. No matter if you like a place: that place must have a backup plan! You can predict everything but the weather, so let your planner select few suitable Venues! When I say an indoor plan I mean there must be at least 2 separate spaces, one for the Aperitif, the other for Dinner, 3 if you want to hold the Ceremony inside. So 1 just large space does not work!

4) Your WP told you about 3 different Venues that meet all your requirements. You take a first look online, then you may want to have a trip to Italy and touch base. If you live far away and can not travel before your Wedding, do not worry. Your Wedding Planner will give you the best advice! Indoor capacity may not be what is written on web sites or blogs. Every good planner has checked the real capacity during a Wedding.

5) Once you have both plans set, outdoor and indoor you are fine! You now have a solution to any problem that could arise. You can start planning Ceremony and Reception.