During my continuous researches for the perfect Wedding Venue in Italy, I once stumbled upon a rare pearl.

This place is not the traditional Farmhouse but something more.
This peculiar location

 is often chosen for family reunions by families whose members are scattered around the world, to reunite spending a week with their loved ones or by couples looking for an incredibly charming wedding location.
This little eldorado of rural beauty is constituted by a group of old farmhouses that make up a small village where quality of life is queen.
There are no television sets here, stress is banned like a leper. You are compelled to stop and admire the charm of the distinctive facades, with their colors that at sunset become a living memento of the beauty of rural Italy. Prepare to be blown away by the stunning views of the rolling Tuscan hills, the countless olive trees of the estate or just by listening to the river flowing…
An extraordinary rural luxury, just a few kilometers from the city.

You will not get bored here, because you can alternate and combine relaxation with various activities, such as mountain bike routes, themed nights based often on local cuisine and food specialties, olive oil and wine tastings, tours to famous Tuscan vineyards and wineries, cooking classes, ending with a marriage ceremony in the gardens of the farmhouse.
About the wedding, this place offers a number of amenities: the aperitif can be served in multiple areas of the estate, always within walkable distances, while the dining can truly be an amazing experience, if set in the estate’s piazza.
No worries in case of rain: the barn provides space for up to 100 people.

There are more than 60 beds, among various apartments within the estate, plus 14 others in a luxury venue of the same property, half a mile away; this will allow you to better appreciate the context: a place where to relax reading, swimming in the estate’s two pools or hiking the paths of the local hills and where to immerse yourselves completely in the magic of countryside’s silence.

We have all the elements here to combine a perfect holiday with a special wedding: a bit country, a little shabby, even chic in its genre, but certainly unique!

If you are looking for an original solution for your wedding in Italy, just write me, I’ll be glad to give you all the details.