Centuries ago, the Borgo was a healing refuge for medieval pilgrims. To this day, it carries on that legacy as a sanctuary for modern souls.

Located less than an hour southwest of Siena near the San Galgano Abbey, people lived on this land more than 2500 years ago. As you can imagine, the grounds are full of history and legends.

In 2001, a Danish couple stumbled across the 13-century stone villa, and decided to restore it to its former glory, and beyond. 

Today, the Borgo has 22 rooms for roughly 50 guests with thirty beds throughout. The exclusive Santo Pietro Suite has a private terrace that overlooks the whole Serena Valley. In addition to restoring the buildings, the surrounding grounds were redesigned from marshy mud lands to stunning gardens. Over 250,000 different species of plants from all over Europe were planted in 13 acres of stunning landscaped gardens.


A Place Where Farm to Table is Taken Seriously 

One of the most noteworthy aspects of the Borgo is the Meo Modo. Meo Modo is a restaurant housed in the main village. Throughout the Borgo, ethical, organic, and sustainably produced food is the utmost priority. 

The Borgo has a 300-acre organically cultured estate. It grows organic agriculture, covering everything from fresh vegetables, nut fields, and massive vineyards. In the surrounding forest, a herd of pigs lives on the estate. 

But the Borgo doesn’t just grow agriculture. They have ethically raised animals for the Meo Modo as well. Chickens are raised outdoors, and the estate houses honey bees, sheep, and alpacas too. 

Every morning, staff milk the sheep and turns the milk into cheese and yogurt in an on-site dairy. All meat comes from locally sourced free-range farms, if shipped in. Fish is also local and fresh every morning. 

The Meo Modo continues with the Borgo’s soft elegance. The layout is designed to be cozy and comfortable, with simple, stated elegance. 


The Perfect Tuscan Fairytale Wedding 

The Borgo is the perfect place to host a truly fairytale wedding. From it’s massive, lush gardens to the stony, historic buildings and rich magical history, it’s everything to make your Tuscan wedding dreams come true. 

While civil ceremonies aren’t held directly in the Borgo, you can have a symbolic wedding on the grounds, which is usually the most a popular choice. 

Or, if you want to host your civil ceremony in Tuscany, a wedding planner in Italy can help you organize your ceremony at the nearby San GalganoThis ancient monastery was built around 1218 to 1288 by Cistercian monks. It’s on the banks of the Merse river. The massive arched stone walls lost their roof a long time ago, so you’ll be saying your vows under the stunning Italian sky.

Then, of course, you can always have your reception in the Borgo.


The Right Tuscan Wedding Planner Will Make Your Dream Wedding a Reality 

These venues are some of the most stunning places in Italy to host your dream wedding. When you’re planning an Italian wedding, make sure you have someone who can help things go off without a hitch. 

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