In the past the bridesmaids’ dresses models were very limited both in range of style and in variety of colors. Most of the times the choice was limited to light-colored dresses, predominantly beige and pink.

Later came a widespread tendency to turn towards more lively tonalities, maybe stronger, more intense colors and more innovative choices, like a blue, orange or green dress.

My lovely couple Emanuele and Andreea for example, for their exquisite intimate wedding, with just twenty-five guests from all over the world, chose orange as their wedding’s color theme. Andreea, very beautiful and elegant in her white dress, gave to her bridesmaids an accessory: a white parasol. A piece that proved to be at the same time functional (it was really hot that day!) and decorative, giving harmony to the composition and the bridesmaids an original exotic look.

It is also common to think that all the bridesmaids should wear the same outfits, this is not at all mandatory, the important thing is to know what the other bridesmaids are wearing in order to avoid unpleasant chromatic contrasts or inappropriate similarities.

Once you have found out this very basic information you can go and pick your elegant but original and innovative dress.

One of the current trends, which has actually been going pretty strong in the past few years now, is the “Mismatched Dress Trend”.
The key to pull this style off is to choose at least one similarity (length, dressiness, etc.) and try to variate other elements, like the color but trying to be cohesive.

And what should you use to harmonize the style when bridesmaids are wearing different clothes?

Accessories, accessories, accessories!

Like in every worldly event, accessories make the difference, that is particularly true for wedding dresses.

The first option that comes to mind is a classic flower bouquet for all the bridesmaids, something that recalls the colors of the bride is wearing but with different tonalities. Another option could a bouquet with that differs in color from those of the bride but that fits elegantly in “the scene”.

Other accessories that ca be very helpful: shoes, clutches, sashes, belts, jewels are just a few. So, a lot of possibilities to be original but elegant at the same time.

Paolo Cicognani