This Castle, only a few minutes from Siena, but at the same time located in a fabulous green peacefulness, offers an unforgettable atmosphere where I’ve decided to realize this Photoshoot to show how unique and interesting a Wedding in this place could be.

The complex is made up by:

The Limonaia: guest house for up to 10 people with kitchen, a wide dining room and a well-lit living room. Often used by the groom’s family and closest relatives, it has a private garden with beautiful roses, a pergola and a swimming pool with a view on the city of Siena. A really relaxing space, where one can sip a drink, read a book and take a swim.

The Castle: with all its history, the frescoed halls and rooms, the garden and the timeless romanticism enriched by the period furniture preserved by the owners.
It can house up to 10 people as well, and it is usually reserved to the bride and her family. As the photos show, the Bride’s dressing assumes a magical touch in this ancient setting.

The Chapel: renovated in the 1500’s by the famous architect Baldassarre Peruzzi, it is a small circular jewel located on the lawn in front of the Castello.

– The Barn: composed by a big loggia and two very ample rooms, it allows to organize the wedding knowing there’s an extremely functional plan B ready (in case of bad weather).

The Castello di Celsa offers the possibility to use spaces in various ways, switching them without problems.
In my photoshoot we set up both the Ceremony and the Dinner in the Italian gardens, because this venue is suited both for an Elopement or an Intimate Wedding and a large Wedding.
Ceremony in front of the pond, using the raw of columns for floral compositions, Dinner in front of the garden entrance, with solid wood Tables decorated by antique porcelain and boldly coloured hydrangeas.
A pink wedding, with more or less bold shapes: a romantic and contemporary style.
The photos of the Bride framed by these gardens are romantic and suggestive too, with their background composed by old walls, flowers and vines that create a movie-like setting.

The Ceremony itself can be held inside the Cappella or in the Rocco area, a long Boulevard lined by Cypresses on both sides that takes to a semi-circular fish farm, a bit far for the guests, but extremely scenic.

The lawns surrounding the Castello allow to organize a Reception suited for an elevated number of guests.

For those who are curious and love activities out in the open, cooking classes and wine tastings can be organized, as well as bike excursions or healthy jogging sessions.
It’s a different kind of luxury from the one we’re used to, but a luxury nonetheless, made of history, nature and incredibly fascinating.

I’ve studied the Venue in all of its parts, and I’m perfectly conscious of the solutions and possibilities it offers. All the conditions needed to create unique emotions are there. If you wish to celebrate your Wedding at Castello di Celsa, fill out this form