A classic Catholic Ceremony is the most common in Italy.

Some Italian Venues still host a Consecrated Church. That allows you can hold your Ceremony and Reception at the same place. Otherwise every Italian Village has a Church to celebrate your Catholic Ceremony. Our Priest will help us dealing with the necessary paperwork and will meet you before the Wedding.



You may need to celebrate your Civil Ceremony at the nearest Town Hall. We will manage the paperwork assistance.

Sometimes a Legal Civil Ceremony can be held at the same Venue of the Wedding Reception, we will then be happy to personalize your Ceremony Setting down to the finest detail.



If you are planning an Othrtodox Wedding Cermony in Italy, you will need permission from your Rabbi at home. He will list all the documents you will bring to the Italian Rabbi we have found for you.
All the Italian Sinagogues are Orthodox. Florence has a marvelous one.
We will help you with the language and the paper.

If you are planning a Reformed Jewish Ceremony, your Rabbi will allow you to hold it in a different Venue, such as Villas, Castle, Monastery, or somewhere else. In that case:

  • We will set a nice and well decorated “Chuppah
  • Help you prepare the “Ketubah (כְּתוּבָּה)
  • We will Print the “Birkonim
  • We will arrange “Kosher” menu for the Wedding Reception
  • And we will care about all the other Rituals the Ceremony provides for


We cooperate with Protestant Pastors who are able to celebrate your Protestant Ceremony anywhere.
You have to choose between a Legal Protestant Marriage (with civil validity) or a simple “blessing”.
If you wish a Legal Validity we will help you with the paperwork together with the Protestant Pastor.



Imagine to be in a wonderful green park of a Villa, at sunset time with a Celebrant in front of you.
Behind white chairs and colorful flowers, your families and best friends.

If you have already been legally married and you just want to renew your wows in a breathtaking venue we have plenty of choices to set a beautiful and romantic Ceremony in a Medieval Hamlet, Courtyard, Historic Villa, Farmhouse. We work with good Celebrants and will take care of readings and any other detail to realize an unforgettable Wedding Day