The word “elopement” literally means “running away to get married.” But, it can also be about a wedding with just a small number of guests, those people who are really special, the ones without whose presence you simply couldn’t get married.
There are so many couples from abroad who choose Italy for their own personal “elopement.”
In the same way as we would do for other larger weddings, we organise everything with perfect style, looking for amazing venues and evocative settings that can be immortalised for you by the very best photographers.
The fact that there are just two of you or just ten people doesn’t make any difference. So, please don’t underestimate the organisation involved which is still extremely important.

Be inspired and create a unique setting with photographic shoots that will still enchant you in twenty years’ time. You can achieve this when you work with the very best suppliers in the wedding industry.

We are the perfect agency for couples who want to realise a dream. We’re not interested in the norm, that already exists.

For this purpose we are responsible for the exclusive wedding arrangements at some private villas. These are venues that aren’t interested in big numbers, but are interested in helping those couples who are looking for something truly unique.
On occasions, we do stylized shoots to show couples from all over the world what an “elopement” at one of these villas would actually look like. Please take a look at this elopement in a Tuscan Paradise

A week-long stay is often required but we could also be looking at just three days. Our couples must also decide whether they simply want a symbolic ceremony or whether they actually want a legal rite. In the second case, we will take care of providing them with all the information required with regard to the corresponding paperwork.

And when it comes to the magical part of your day, you can just sit back, relax, and leave everything to us.

How much does it cost? Because we don’t work in a mass market but with a discerning clientele where the results must provide a life-time of emotions, the costs will depend on precisely what the couple chooses.

Anyway, it will be something accessible, you just need to want it enough. As we have mentioned before, every wedding is tailor-made for each couple, so just get in touch with us and we will do everything we can to understand and realise your dreams