Hi everybody! For you couples, who live abroad, Emilia Romagna is a little known destination. But I assure you it offers some areas of rare beauty and excellent food!
Over the course of the last 12 years I have organised numerous weddings with my team as a Wedding Planner, and I still happily recommend Emilia Romagna to foreign couples.
All ceremonies are available, Catholic, Protestant Civil, Jewish and obviously symbolic everywhere.

Why should this region be considered for your wedding? Maybe not everyone knows that the Ferrari headquarters, a brand known all over the world, are located in Emilia Romagna. But not only that, Lamborghini, Maserati and other important manufacturers in the luxury automotive sector. They are all located in Emilia Romagna with their respective museums.
If during your 3-day wedding you wish to give your guests a unique emotion and organise a visit to the Ferrari Museum, we at Paolo Cicognani Weddings & Events can arrange every detail. These are just some of the other features in this region:

– Ravenna, whose monuments have been part of UNESCO since 1996, the city where you can visit Dante Alighieri’s Tomb

– Bologna, a cultural city that boasts one of the oldest and most famous universities in the world. A true excellence where students from all over Europe study

– The hills of Parma and Piacenza which boast characteristic castles and villages

– The fashion district near Rimini where you can find the outlets of the most glamorous brands of women’s shoes such as Giuseppe Zanotti, Sergio Rossi, Baldinini and many others.

Your guests’ are facilitated by Bologna airport, located in the middle of the region and connected to all major European airports. If necessary we can take care of the transfer of your guests from the airport to the wedding venue and vice versa.

As for the wedding venues in Emilia Romagna, only a few offer the possibility of accommodation, that is, the possibility of hosting your guests directly in the structure where you get married. We have carefully selected them, but that’s not all. We have verified the managers’ professionalism and reliability. Very often there are splendid places whose catering is poor and the organisation is precarious. But you are safe with us. Our established relationship with the finest local suppliers lets us prevent problems and unpleasant surprises.
As in all regions, we also offer some exclusive structures, aimed at couples looking for a unique setting that perhaps only we know.

Dream on and keep dreaming about your wedding in Emilia Romagna, we’ll take care of the rest!

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