Despite our years of experience, we are still surprised when we receive messages from couples who have planned to spend 3 days in Italy and want to visit the highest possible number of venues …
It’s the easiest way to make a mistake for a simple reason: – There are simply too many Wedding Venues in Italy to reason like this.

Just in Tuscany, there are hundreds … .. what is the point of running about crazily for 3 days? You will not enjoy the moment and you will not be able to evaluate each venue at all.
It is better to visit fewer places, devoting the necessary time and attention!

What you need to do is to hire a good Wedding Planner who already knows the area where you want to get married and ask them to select from 3 to 5 venues that match your requirements:

Period when you want to celebrate your Wedding in Italy

Number of guests and possibility of a plan B in case of bad weather, therefore checking the availability of internal spaces. If you like the venue but there are no internal spaces, then you should rent a marquee. If your budget doesn’t allow it, then you should cross off that venue. If it rains on your Wedding day, could you leave your guests in the rain for hours??

Style of the venue, then explain what type of scenario you would like

Available budget: ┬áthe professional’s or agency’s ability to select venues based on the above criteria is possible thanks to years of experience, site inspections and hard work. It is therefore a “skill acquired over time” that it is right to pay for.

You can easily just ask for the “Venue Research” service without any obligation to hire a Wedding Planner for its organization.
Once you have found the perfect venue, you can then decide to organize everything on your own. It’s a small investment that saves you a lot of time, stress and helps you find what you need, don’t forget it!

If you want to ask for the Venue Research service, just fill in the form and specify you want that service to get a quote.