three days-wedding in Tuscany


Almost all Tuscan venues offer accommodation for a certain number of guests. In most cases, it’s about 20-30 people and for 40-50 people there is still a good choice, for 70 people there are still some venues, few facilities are equipped for over 100 people.
If you have your mind set on a venue that only hosts 30 guests and you have 85, it’s not too bad. In many weddings, some of the guests stay in neighbouring structures, which you can also use for the Welcome Party or other Events during your                      “3-days-wedding in Tuscany“.
Often the marriage of a foreign couple in Italy includes a Buffet Welcome Party on the guests’ day of arrival (it can be a Pizza Party or Tuscan party with typical foods or similar), the Ceremony and Wedding reception on the second day, brunch the next day and any party the following evening when some of your guests have already left.
You can hold all events in the main Venue, or use the facilities where the other guests are staying to create different atmospheres. In that case, you will have to factor into the budget your guests’ movements via the dedicated Vans or Buses. It is important to guarantee your guests the necessary comforts without having them drive on a festive day when they want to taste the excellent wines of the Tuscan wineries and consume a few drinks during the after-dinner party.

This “3 days” is a classic formula that can obviously be customised according to your needs.
Do you want to create a themed party with special costumes? Are you inspired by a movie or a musical? Do you have a particular scenario in mind for your ceremony?
For any customisation, we will listen carefully and assist you in every phase of the planning and realisation of your events. Contact us