The choice of the venue is probably the hardest for the couple.
This is because in Italy there are many venues, maybe way too many.
Only in Tuscany, one of the most appealing Italian Destinations at the moment, there are several hundreds of places that can host weddings.
The choice can be difficult because the venues must be visited in person in order to get a better idea of the space and the logistics.
But mainly because the venues sometimes change their management, ownership or policy. Often you may find the place that you rented for your Wedding for sale on a real estate agency’s website.
It is possible that you make arrangements with a person who becomes your point of reference and that three months before the wedding this person stops working there and often you won’t even get warned about it.
That’s why the role of a trusted local Wedding Planner is so essential or, at the very least, useful. A Wedding Planner will probably already have a few established relationships with Venues in the local area and will be aware of the contracts that these venues ask the couples to sign. You should pay special attention to certain clauses.

– sometimes the rates may vary depending on the amount of space used. Make sure that everything is put in writing.
– spaces for plan A and for plan B
– the time when the event must be over
– services that incur additional charges
– if you are entitled to a late check out the morning after the wedding
– policy changes and cancellations
– deadlines for the payments

We have spent years selecting the most beautiful but at the same time functional venues. Because both aspects are equally essential.
It has to be beautiful because you only get married once, and especially in Italy, and functional because there are plenty of the venues that are beautiful, but that, for one reason or another, are not worth the bother. We have carried out an enormously demanding scouting work, spending hours inside and outside the facilities to familiarise ourselves with the Venues.
Sometimes it took us three visits to understand the best solution for our couples.
All this is essential to guarantee reliability to our newlyweds.