Villa Cora Wedding


Nestled among the gentle rolling hills of Florence resides a quiet, romantic estate that has been coveted by couples for centuries. Villa Cora, a Tuscan park and modern-day hotel, was once a place for international artists and dignitaries to enjoy holidays in the Italian countryside. Now, it has been transformed into a modern and romantic venue for couples to celebrate the biggest moment of their lives. 

Villa Cora is suitable for luxury weddings of all kinds. From intimate affairs to the grand pomp and circumstance, you can curate a perfect experience that captures everything you’ve imagined your wedding to be.

The Setting

Villa Cora is a luxurious estate with an expansive courtyard and gardens. It is within close proximity to Florence’s rich historical center but is tucked away in the countryside to provide privacy throughout your event. Villa Cora’s expansive gardens and courtyards provide plenty of secluded spaces to have intimate or group photos on the wedding day. The poolside offers a lively setting for cocktail hour, and in almost every nook of the hotel, you can catch a glimpse of the Italian sunset gleaming over the mountains. This beautiful setting is like no other in Florence.

The History

The Villa Cora was built as a commission of dignitary Baron Oppenheim in the late 19th century and reflects the dominant Tuscan architectural styles of the era. The home often hosted foreign nobility such as Princess Eugenia, wife of Napoleon III, or artists such as the Russian composer Tchaikovsky. The beauty and tranquility of Villa Cora made it one of the most popular residences of Italy for foreign visitors. 

In the 1960s it went under a remodel to transform the estate into a hotel. It was again restored in 2010, and in 2016 became a part of The Leading Hotels of the World Group. This venue holds rich history, influencing the ambiance of your wedding day. If you dream of a wedding in a place that has been valued across time for its serenity and beauty, Villa Cora is the place to book. 

Wedding Accommodations

Villa Cora is suitable for luxury weddings of all sizes. Smaller, intimate weddings are typically held in the courtyards and do not have access to the swimming pool area as guests will also be visiting the resort. However, if you decide to book the entire Villa Cora for your big day, you will have access to the pool as well as all courtyards and dining halls for your ceremony and reception. 

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