So, you decided to celebrate your Wedding in Italy, you have viewes Wedding-related websites, Wedding blogs and photoblogs, videos and you have researched the hell outta Pinterest. What should you do now?

Well, the first step to choose the right Wedding Planner for your Italian Wedding is to contact one: send an email to the Wedding Planner that inspires you the most or use the “contact form” that usually appears in wedding planner’s websites.
Normally you should receive a response within three days, the sooner, the better.

A well prepared and organized Wedding Planner’scontact form“, will usually ask all necessary details about you and your wedding plans, however you should always include some important information when you contact a Wedding Planner:

⁃ The kind of Ceremony you want: Religious, Civil, Jewish, Protestant, Symbolic


⁃ The time frame within you would like to celebrate your wedding.
I am writing about a “time frame” (a month or season) rather than a specific date, because you will most probably be deciding it together with your Wedding Planner, after identifying the perfect location for your marriage.

⁃ The number of your guests.
It goes without saying that in order to offer the best possible service in terms of accommodation, transportation and entertainment to your beloved guests, it is fundamental to know at least their approximate number. Unless you want your mother in law to “unfortunately not have a room reserved in her name and all the others are already taken”… 😉

⁃ A budget, or at least an idea of how much you would like to spend.
You don’t need to go into details, just let the Wedding Planner know where you draw the line. Nothing is impossible and sometimes the most expensive things are not the most charming ones, plus budget limitations are a way for a Wedding Planner to discover new and and more convenient solutions. In any case, this is an information that can avoid you and the Wedding Planner an unnecessary waste of time.

Another feature to consider when evaluating a professional Wedding Planner, other than the necessary competence and professionalism, is his personality. How comfortable do you feel when speaking with your Wedding Planner? Do you get a positive and energetic vibe? Does it look like the he cares? Because remember: your Wedding Day, above all, needs to be fun, so should be the person in charge of organizing it with you and so should be the months of preparation before your Wedding. Everyday life is already so stressful, this has to be happy time!


Summarizing: competence, quality of services and top suppliers, timeliness in responses, pleasant person sympathetic and helpful. If the Wedding Planner you are about to choose checks all of these boxes, you can be sure he will be a hit!

Paolo Cicognani