The best locations for your luxurious in Italy

Getting married in Tuscany is a lifelong dream for many couples from all around the world. If that’s your wish too, you can’t miss this collection of the finest wedding venues in this Italian region.

Green rolling hills covered in lush vineyards, medieval hamlets and fairytale-like castles, masterpieces of art and fascinating architecture: wedding venues in Tuscany, are part of an incredible setting. It’s no wonder that so many couples choose it as a destination for their once-in-a-lifetime event.
Whether you want to get married in the heart of Florence, soaking up its cultural atmosphere, or you prefer a small wedding venue surrounded by nature, you’ll find what you’re looking for. Tuscany offers all kinds of venues, ranging from historic wedding villas to exquisite country houses, perfect for large celebrations as well as intimate events.

All you have to do is get inspired by our selection of the most luxurious wedding venues in Tuscany, and tell us everything about your dream event. Trust us: with our planning, it’s going to be extraordinary.

One of the best Tuscany wedding villas, embraced by incredible scenery.

  • 24 Accomodation

  • 100 Event capacity


Enjoy a luxurious and unique
wedding in Montepulciano.

  • 40 Accomodation

  • 150 Event capacity

Among the most luxurios Florence wedding villas, for an exclusive event.

  • 100 Accomodation

  • 100 Event capacity


The ideal venue for an exclusive
Tuscan vineyard wedding.

  • 30 Accomodation
  • 50 Event capacity

For a beautiful wedding in Chianti, this estate is all you need.

  • 120 Accomodation
  • 180 Event capacity

If you’re looking for the iconic Tuscan vineyard wedding venue, you found it.

  • 36 Accomodation

  • 100 Event capacity

The best venue for an extremely romantic Tuscany castle wedding.

  • 10+10 Accomodation

  • 150 Event capacity


A luxury, bespoke wedding surrounded by the hills of Chianti.

  • 28 Accomodation
  • 60 Event capacity

A charming Tuscany villa, ideal venue for your wedding in Montepulciano.

  • 30 Accomodation
  • 30 Event capacity

Getting married in a fascinating ancient Tuscan village is possible, here.

  • 120 Accomodation

  • 100 Event capacity

The iconic countryhouse in Tuscany, surrounded by picturesque hills.

  • 85 Accomodation

  • 100 Event capacity

Rent the entire, magical village for your unforgettable wedding in Tuscany.

  • 44 Accomodation

  • 44 Event capacity

The perfect wedding venue in Tuscany for a sophisticated country chic event.

  • 90 Accomodation

  • 200 Event capacity

Among Tuscany wedding villas, this will surprise you with its idyllic charm.

  • 18 Accomodation

  • 35 Event capacity