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What we mean with “Luxury Weddings in Italy”


All couples who decide to get married in Italy must know what we mean by “luxury weddings”.

Luxury does not always coincide with crazy expense. A low-profile budget is certainly not enough to achieve a certain standard, nor is one commonly called “economic”, but with the right attention, a wonderful marriage with “accessible” price is possible.

The whole secret is in the choice of the suppliers, especially the Wedding Planner you choose for organizing the big day.

There are venues with situations and atmospheres that can give you unforgettable moments, which maybe only some planners are aware of. In addition, the ability to enhance settings and the attention to some details that really make the difference, making everything magical, but not impossible for your budget.

They say: “it is all in the details” ….

This is true, some Wedding Planners are able to struck the right chord, while others are not.

So, you don’t have to always employ the most renowned name on the market for your wedding in Italy.
Some agencies work for a sought-after clientele and organize special weddings, offering the so-called “accessible luxury” or “affordable luxury”

To achieve this goal, here at Paolo Cicognani Weddings & Events we do a lot of research, visiting the most hidden places and meeting many vendors in the Wedding industry and then we choose the best ones.

Confide in us and delegate the realization of your dream in Italy to the professionalism we built over time. We are certain the result will be stunning!