Australian couples wishing to marry in Italy must obtain 2 main documents:
1) ATTO NOTORIO: this document can be obtained from the Italian Embassy or Consulate in Australia. It has a validity of only 6 months from its date of issue, therefore it shouldn’t be requested over 6 months prior to the wedding.
If you cannot obtain the ATTO NOTORIO in Australia, you may get it at a Civil Court in Italy.
2) NULLA OSTA: this certifies that there are any kind of restrictions on marrying in Italy. It is obtained from the Australian Embassy in Italy in Rome or from the Australian Consulate in Milan, by submitting various documents including the ATTO NOTORIO. Once received,  it must be legalized by the competent Prefettura. Before going to the prefecture, make sure you purchase a EUR 16.00 tax stamp, which will be applied on the NULLA OSTA.
In addition to the 2 aforementioned documents, the spouses shall need:
Australian wedding in Italy
These documents must be all original. No photocopies are accepted.
You then need to make an appointment with the Municipality’s State Registry Office where the marriage will be celebrated for the Declaration of Intent to Marry in the company of an interpreter.
This meeting generally takes place a couple of days before the wedding, sometimes even on the wedding day before the ceremony. In the event that one of the 2 spouses is Italian, or an Australian citizen living in Italy, the Municipality requires the posting of marriage banns at least 2 weeks before the wedding.
This procedure may vary slightly, depending on the Municipality where the spouses will celebrate their wedding. For this reason, we invite you to contact us and delegate to us the task of collecting detailed information.
Our team takes care of:
– Collecting all the information and drawing up a flowchart of the steps you need to take
– Making an appointment at the competent offices
– Presenting the documentation on your behalf, where allowed
– Finding interpreters and translators
Paperwork for Australian wedding
We advise you consult these specific links  Consulate in Sidney  Consulate in Brisbane  Australian Embassy in Rome for all the documents you need to submit for the ATTO NOTORIO and NULLA OSTA.
If you live in Australia and dream of a wonderful wedding in Italy, drop us a message!