A selection of the most frequently asked questions by the couples who are getting married in Italy. We hope you find the answers you’re looking for but, if you don’t, we will be happy to talk to you in private. Just get in touch with us!

How far in advance should we start planning our wedding in Italy?2021-07-27T16:35:23+02:00

Our suggestion is to start 18 months before the wedding. The main reason is the wedding venues’ availability: the earlier you start planning, the more venues will be available. You might not know it, but some of them are in such high demand that they must be reserved 2 years in advance!

Of course, if you wish to plan later on and more last-minute, it’s not a problem for us. Just be aware that your dream location might be booked already – but that doesn’t mean that we can’t find another spectacular one for you.

How much do you charge?2021-07-27T16:35:54+02:00

Every wedding is unique, and so is our service. That’s why we don’t have a fixed pricelist: we prefer to talk to you and listen to your needs and desires, then we’ll come to you with our best proposal. Get in touch with us and let’s start from there.

How should we contact you?2021-07-27T16:36:39+02:00

If you wish to get in touch with us, just fill out this quick form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible to schedule an appointment through Skype, WhatsApp or Zoom, so we can get to know each other and start planning your wedding in Italy.

How many guests should attend our wedding?2021-07-27T16:37:19+02:00

This is completely up to you: we can plan any kind of wedding in Italy – whether it’s an elopement or a big party with hundreds of guests. Just keep in mind that, usually, around 80% of the people you invite will actually attend your destination wedding: our suggestion is to ask them for confirmation as soon as possible.

We live overseas and would like to get married in Italy. How long should we recommend our guests to stay?2021-07-27T16:38:03+02:00

If you live very far from Italy – USA, Australia, Asia – you and your guests should stay at least 3 days in Italy. A week would actually be ideal, because it would be less tiring and it would give all of you the opportunity to enjoy the trip and the ceremony, do some sightseeing and relax in some charming Italian destination.

What happens if some guests cancel a few days before the wedding?2021-07-27T16:38:43+02:00

Most caterers ask for a confirmation of the guests’ number around two weeks before the wedding. That’s the number you will pay for, whether they show up or not. At the same time, it’s still important to update the caterer about last-minute cancellations so that they can take care of tables and seatings.

Should we pay for our guests’ accommodation?2021-07-27T16:39:18+02:00

That’s your choice. If your budget allows it, you can pay for all of your guests, or for your closest friends and relatives. Otherwise, the accommodation will be at the guests’ expense – and don’t worry: that’s not rude, it’s absolutely ok. You’re already paying for the whole wedding reception and party, after all.

There’s one thing you should bear in mind, though: if you’re renting a wedding venue for – let’s say – 3 days, you will have to pay for the deposit and remaining balance yourself. At the same time, you’re going to open a temporary account where your guests will be able to pay the fee for their accommodation to you. It’s easier done than said, believe us, and if you need to do this we will help you all the way down.

We fell in love with a wedding venue but the nearest airport is 2 hours away. Will this be a problem?2021-07-27T16:40:03+02:00

It’s not a problem if the airport is far from the wedding venue. Your guests might want to rent a car and drive through the beautiful Italian landscape to reach you, or you might think of a convenient solution such as a shuttle van or bus for them. In this case, they will be picked up by our driver at the airport and will just have to relax on the way to the venue.

We wish to see the venue in person, so we will arrange a trip to Italy. Will you be with us? How much does it cost?2021-07-27T16:41:10+02:00

Yes, we are always by the side of our couples when they come to Italy to visit the wedding venue. Not just because we extremely care about the success of the event, but especially because we will help you notice some details that you wouldn’t be aware of otherwise.

If the wedding has already been confirmed with us as planners, we will dedicate one day to you for the site inspection and catering tasting. If you wish to have additional days of site inspections, then you will have to cover our expenses for fuel, accommodation and meals.

If you’re visiting Italy and want to take the chance to do a site inspection in a wedding venue you like, but our service hasn’t been confirmed yet, then you will have to cover our travel and time expenses.

We do understand that it’s hard for couples who live far away to come to Italy and visit their favorite venues in person. You shouldn’t worry about this, though: trust us and our expertise, and the choice of the venue will go as smooth as silk!

Can we choose the vendors for our wedding?2021-07-27T16:41:52+02:00

Usually, that’s not possible. We work with a team of trustworthy vendors that we tested and selected over the years. Trusting us as your wedding planners means that you can trust our selection of vendors: this is the best way to make sure that your wedding turns out just perfect.

The only exception to this rule is when you suggest a vendor who’s a renowned professional in the wedding industry: in that case, if we believe it can be a great addition to our team, we will be happy to work together.

Do caterers hold tastings for the couples?2021-07-27T16:42:27+02:00

Yes, they do, and they are usually free for the couples who have confirmed the wedding already. If you haven’t decided yet, you will have to pay for the tasting and then the cost will be deducted from the full price if you confirm.

Bear in mind that the tasting is reserved for the couple and the wedding planner. If you want to bring some family members or friends with you, they will have to pay and won’t get a refund.

We would like a wide range of drinks for the after-dinner party. Does the caterer offer this service?2021-07-27T16:43:06+02:00

Yes, our trusted caterers have bar counters and staff who work throughout the after-dinner party. Of course you have to decide how long you want your party to last, and what kind of drinks you want to serve. Different packages have different costs: we can discuss all that with the vendor while planning your wedding in Italy.

We are thinking of self-catering. Will it be possible?2021-07-27T16:43:47+02:00

Unfortunately not. We have been working with some trusted vendors for years now, and wedding venues don’t usually allow self-catering. Sometimes exceptions are made for professional foreign caterers with proved experience in the wedding industry, or for chefs that work together with the Italian caterer for specific reasons (that might be the case of Hindu weddings, for example).

We wish to have an outdoor dinner. Where should we set it?2021-07-27T16:44:23+02:00

It depends on several factors, like lighting conditions and the distance from the facilities where food is prepared. A site inspection is necessary to decide where to set the dinner tables. Bear in mind that most wedding venues don’t have enough outdoor lighting, so you will most likely have to rent some light sources.

When’s the best time to hold our ceremony?2021-07-27T16:45:24+02:00

The best time for your ceremony depends on your wedding day. If you hold it outdoors you have to consider the light, because that affects your guests’ comfort and especially your wedding photos. The best light for those is before sunset time so, based on the season, it could vary between 4 and 6 pm. Always check with your planner to make sure your ideal schedule is feasible.

We really like dancing until late! Would they allow us to do it?2021-07-27T16:46:01+02:00

In most wedding venues, outdoor music is allowed until 11.30 pm or midnight. If you wish your party to continue after that time, you may want to set two areas with audio equipment, so you can start outside and keep going inside. Several locations allow indoor music until 2 or 3 am.

If you know already that you will cut the cake – and start dancing – around 11 pm, our suggestion is to set everything indoors. The outdoors set is recommended for those who wish to have music throughout the reception, dinner included.

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