If you want to have all the Venues avaialable (or almost all of them) you should start 18 months prior to the Wedding. Some highly requested venues are reserved very early, sometimes 2 years before the marriage. I sometimes work with couples who decide for their marriage just 3 months earlier. We can do it, no problem as we boast a large number of Wedding Venues in Italy. The choice is obviosly narrow with such a short time, but it will still be amazing!

It depends on your Wedding Date. The most beautiful pictures are on sunset.

So, let’s take a look at sunset time on the web, then speak with both your photographer and planner for the ideal schedule. If you get married on June 20th when sunset is around 8.30 pm  I would recommend to have your Ceremony at about 6pm, enjoy your aperitif for about 1 hour and have some beautiful shots from 7.45 pm to the beginning of the Dinner 8.30/8.45 pm

I do not really think so. First of all most guests love to rent a car and drive throughout Italian hills and lands. For those who prefer a shuttle service, we have either buses or 8 to 9 seats vans, very comfortable. Our drivers will be at the airport and provide your guests with the most professional service.

Yes, they do. Tastings are usually free for those couples who have confirmed the Wedding, or to be paid if the couples still have to make their decision. What you have paid will then be deducted from the balance if you decide to go ahead with that specific caterer. Bear in mind that caterers do not usually refund you for family members or other people who attend the tasting.

Outdoor music is allowed until 11.30 pm or midnight. So, you may want to set 2 areas with audio equipment, start outside and keep on inside. If you believe you will cut off the cake at about 11 pm, you should consider just the indoor.  Several Venues allow indoor music until 2 or 3 am.

Yes, they have bar counters and staff who work on the after dinner party. Do not forget to decide how long you want the party lasts. There are different packages based on the range of drinks and duration.

Yes, I always bring my couples to the Venues when they come to Italy. They just cover my expenses so fuel, hotels and meals for the time I stay with them. This of course if the Wedding has already been confirmed with me as a Planner.

It depends on several factors, like the distance from kitchen, but also pay attention to lighting. Many venues do not have enough light on the gardens. So you should inspect the venue in the evening. Some good agencies who work on audio and light services may help you

Umbria is a great Destination with some amazing Venues, it is just less advertised than Tuscany, but they have everything to be successful in the Wedding Industry with foreign couples. We know Umbria very well!

Many more than you imagine. I have been working as a planner for a while and I find out new places any time I travel. I would say a few hundreds, but they are probably more.

Less than 3 days is a non-sense, but it would still be too tiring. A week would be ideal if they want to enjoy the trip and the Wedding, relax and do some sightseeing. They should take advantage of the Wedding for a nice vacation.

If you invite 100 for example, you will likely have 70/80 guests, but every situation depends on a lot of factors, so there are some exceptions you can not predict. I can only advise you to ask them for a confirmation asap

Most Caterers ask you to confirm the number around 2 weeks prior to the Wedding. That’s the number you will pay, no matter if they show up or not. Anyway, do not forget to communicate your Caterer the last minute defections so they will manage to care about tables and seats.

Unfortunately not. We have our trusted vendors we have been working with for a while and the venues as well do not usually allow self-caterers….

In some cases, professional caterers from abroad are allowed, but only if they are very skilled vendors with a long experiece in the market. Or some cooks who come to co-operate with the Italian caterer like in the Indu Weddings for example.

That’s your choice. The couple takes care of the whole Wedding Day.

So it is not rude at all if you invite your guests and specify that hotels will be at their own expenses. Sometimes the couples want to pay for some relatives and closest friends….sometimes when they can afford they pay for everybody.

Every Wedding is different so we do not sell packages. You can not imagine how many factors may affect a Wedding Budget. We tailor our prices to your specific needs and requirements. Just contact us and we will be happy to listen to you and work on the best proposal!

Just fill the form and we will set an appointment on Skype or FaceTime. We will then know better each other and you will see if you have a good feeling