How we plan your Italian wedding

and give life to a unique experience

Our work is not just about organizing an event. It’s about turning your dreams into reality, one step at a time.
And we can start now.

The creation of a concept for your Italian wedding, the choice of the perfect wedding venue, the paperwork, the right photographer and videographer, an astounding flower design, the finest menu for the reception, a flawless décor and table setting, the most wonderful cake, and anything in between. It seems a lot, doesn’t it? But you won’t have to worry about a thing: we’ll take care of everything for you.
You can sit back and enjoy your exclusive destination wedding in Italy.

Find out how we make the magic happen

From dream to wedding in 7 steps

1. First contact Did you fall in love with our Italian weddings? Get in touch with us and tell us a bit about you and your wildest wedding dreams. You will receive our reply within 24 hours.
2. Let the conversation start We will exchange a few emails with basic information to better understand your needs and wishes before setting up a video call. Whether it is through Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, or Facetime, it’s time for us to meet face to face – virtually, at least.
3. Digging deeper Talking to you is crucial for us: we listen to your desires and whatever you believe it’s important, so that we get to know you on a deeper level. Empathy is key: we dream with you, then we use our knowledge and passion to make those dreams come true.
4. Our proposal for you We aren’t just wedding planners: we are designers and all-around consultants. We are the guardian angels of your Italian wedding. And everything starts with the personalized outline proposal you’ll get from us, which includes some details, photographic examples, and a budget plan.
5. Let’s get serious Is it a wrap? We hope so! If our ideas entice you, it’s time to tie the knot and sign the contract that officially states we will be your Italian wedding planners. From now on, we will get to the heart of it and start orchestrating every single detail for you, with you.
6. Wedding planning and design From the definition of a wedding theme to the choice of the venue, from the flower design to the table setting – you won’t have to worry about a thing and you’ll have the very best, because we do not compromise. We’ll check in with you for updates, and you have our full 24/7 availability in case of need.
7. Wedding day On the wedding day, we – Paolo Cicognani and his team of Italian wedding planners – will be by your side to coordinate the event and make sure that all details are taken care of and everything runs smoothly until the very end.

What we can do for your Italian wedding

We inspire you

The personalized proposal you’ll receive from us translates your dreams into tangible ideas. Style, concept, setting, venues, colors, decorations, food, wine, entertainment, and much more: we’ll set your imagination free…

We guide you

…and then we’ll take your hand and guide you in the choice of a wedding venue that has everything you want and need, and in the definition of every single detail of the event. Even the ones you have never thought of.

We assist you

We are beauty and luxury lovers, but also reliable and meticulous professionals. For your Italian wedding, we can take care of the necessary paperwork and organize the logistics for your guests and you.

We are present

We are available for you 24/7 throughout the planning period, we can come with you to the site inspection of possible venues, and we are going to be by your side on the day of your Italian wedding too.

We are present

Everything you will get from us is high-end and sophisticated. Entrusting our team of wedding planners means you and your guests will get to live an immersive and unparalleled Italian experience.

You should also know…

Where we plan our weddings

We are specialized in planning weddings in Tuscany and Lake Como, but we also love working in places such as Venice, Rome, Emilia-Romagna, Umbria, Marche, and Piedmont. We sound out the most beautiful destinations to find the most exclusive wedding venues off-the-beaten-track. Basically: wherever you’re getting married, in Italy, we’ll follow.

Why we care so much about details
such as flowers and décor

We strongly believe that details make all the difference between an average wedding and a memorable one. Flowers and décor hold a special place in our heart: we tailor their design just for you so that’s absolutely unique, because these elements have the power to bring the event to a whole different level.

What budget you’ll need for your
Italian wedding

It’s hard to say how much your wedding in Italy will cost, because it depends on a lot of different elements. A wedding for 50 guests might start from 30k euros, while if you have around 100 guests the starting point could be 45k euros. Anyway, as said before, you’ll receive a personalized budget plan after our first call.

What you will be called to do

You simply have to rely on us, our expertise, and our ability to find the best solutions – from the venue to the vendors, and everything in between – for your Italian wedding. We are wedding planners and consultants with a deep knowledge of the country and this industry, and we’ll take care of your event from A to Z. You just have to sit back and be dazzled by your exclusive wedding.

Let’s start this unforgettable Italian fairytale, together.

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