If you’re newly engaged, please let me wish you a huge congratulations from the team at Paolo Cicognani Weddings & Events. You’re about to begin the journey to one of the most important days of your life and choosing the location for your wedding is the first things to tick off your to-do-list!

Finding the perfect setting for your special day is hugely important and we’ve seen an increase in couples jetting across the globe in search for the perfect venue, with brides and grooms swapping their home country for something a little more exotic. A destination wedding promises spectacular scenery, endless sunshine and mouth-watering food – especially if you’re choosing Italy as the place to get wed.

Having said that, tying the knot abroad isn’t for everyone and it can be a huge decision to make. So, if you’re feeling a little unsure, we’re offering you a few pros and cons to help make things a little easier for you…

Pro #1

Whether you choose to get married atop a snowy mountain or amongst the palm trees of a white sand beach, chances are no one you know will have got married in the same place! There is something rather romantic about the thought of a totally unique wedding day and your guests will adore the surprise. Plus, you will have the bonus of some pretty amazing wedding photograph backdrops!

Con #1

If you choose to get wed abroad, you may come across some challenges when it comes to the legal side of things. We advise doing your research on marriage licenses and any other documentation that is required within the location you’re getting married, as every country has different laws. Bear in mind this can be a lot of admin and does put people off planning a wedding abroad.

Pro #2

Although you can always legally get married in the UK, our wedding planning service in Italy covers the logistical, organisational and the legal side elements. You can have your dream destination wedding without any of the worry!  We’ll work with you and your budget to ensure you have a magical Italian wedding.

Con #2

Do you love the thought of celebrating with hundreds of guests? If this is the case, we recommend one more time to hire a good wedding planner. Many guests will have commitments, such as time, health, work and costs, including elderly guests who may be unable to attend. If you have your heart set on a huge celebration, we are able to work with you to plan a wedding with 400 guests! Although they can be a complicated event to organize, we are equipped to cover the accommodation, logistics and everything else to ensure you have a spectacular day.

Pro #3  

Anyway an intimate wedding with just your closest friends and family can be truly special. A destination wedding is also a fabulous choice for those who don’t fancy the thought of inviting hundreds of people who you don’t actually want to be there. A huge guest list can quickly become overwhelming and costs can spiral. A smaller guest list is easier to manage budget-wise, so if you want to splurge on your honeymoon or newlywed abode, now’s your chance!

Con #3

If you’re a couple who like to be in control of all things wedding planning related, you may find a destination wedding a difficult journey to navigate. You will have to rely on making long-distance decisions without even having the opportunity to meet some of the suppliers or view any venues. Sometimes, online viewing and social media posts just don’t do vendors justice or reflect the reality. As a luxury Italian wedding planners, we have a tried and tested network of incredible suppliers across the country and walk my couples through the planning process to ensure the day is perfect, no matter where in the world they may be!

Pro #4

We will of course end this post with a positive, as there so many to choose from when planning a destination wedding! Time is something we never have enough of and flying across the world to a far-flung location means you can really enjoy some quality time with your loved ones, soaking up the moment and celebrating your marriage. Many guests choose to extend the trip into a family holiday, and you could even make it part of your honeymoon – the options are endless!

If the thought of an Italian destination wedding has tempted you, don’t forget to drop us a message to find out a little more about our services. In the meantime, there is even more inspiration and planning advice waiting for you on the blog!