Villa Valentini Bonaparte

Enjoy a luxurious and unique wedding in Montepulciano.

Accomodation Up to 40 guests
Event capacity Over 150 guests

Who doesn’t dream of a luxurious wedding that makes you feel like royalty? Villa Valentini Bonaparte, a jewel tucked among the hills of Montepulciano (near Cortona, Tuscany), can offer you that exact feeling. Pair it with top-notch planning, thanks to Paolo Cicognani and his team, and there you have your perfect, unforgettable event.

Villa Valentini Bonaparte, a timeless venue for a unique experience

The main building of this beautiful estate dates back to the 17th Century, but its splendor began in the 18th – when Princess Maria Alessandrina Bonaparte (Napoleon’s niece) bought it to be closer to her husband, Count Valentini. Giovanni Caproni, a renowned architect of that time, was in charge of the project: he created Villa Valentini Bonaparte as we see it today. The magnificence of the villa was in fact brought back to life recently, thanks to a respectful and thorough restoration.
Throughout the years, the walls and gardens of this property have seen gatherings of the leading exponents of literature and society from Tuscany and Umbria: Villa Valentini Bonaparte, before being a wedding venue, was a piece of Italian history.
A place of timeless charm and incredible elegance, inside and out. The centuries-old park that embraces it, the sumptuous garden, the dreamy double-staircase, the alluring interiors: everything about this villa will make you fall in love with it.

Your stylish Montepulciano wedding

Such a wonderful environment, together with a careful and tailor-made design, can turn any kind of wedding into a memorable event to cherish forever.
Villa Valentini Bonaparte is ideal for big parties, for outdoor celebrations or for indoor ones, thanks to the permanent marquee and the several salons. The open-air ceremony can take place in one of the many frames offered by the venue: the glorious amphitheater, the enchanted forest, the garden with its colorful flowers – you name it.
The villa and its former stable can host up to 40 people, and if you have more guests they can be easily accommodated in the surrounding facilities. Moreover, Villa Valentini Bonaparte can provide them – and you! – with a true Tuscan experience, thanks to the unparalleled view and numerous activities.
Are you already dreaming of your wedding in Montepulciano or Cortona? Get in touch with us, and we’ll plan an event that goes beyond your highest expectations

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