In recent years the interest in Food Design has grown substantially and has gained great importance in both Weddings and Events in general.
 Not just food quality then, but the intention of presenting it in the best possible aesthetic form, through shapes, colors and innovative means.

 In particular during the aperitif, that today often turns into a veritable smorgasbord, the eye wants its part.

That’s why, next to the traditional preparations, Finger Food has become a real “must”. 
Remember that just the pre-dinner buffet, being the starting point of any receptions, are crucial to win the trust of the guests.

 Setting up a buffet has become both a culinary and artistic task, to wow diners delighting their sight before their palates.
 Glass, ceramics, bamboo, polypropylene and many other materials are the protagonists of themed islands, sumptuous tables playing with heights to gain dynamism, with the shapes and colors to create harmony.
The term Food Design is strictly connected with Banqueting: the professional preparation and arrangement of food and drink in a banquet.
 Chefs, Wedding Planners, Architects and the so-called Food Designers – which is mainly concerned with the presentation of the food – intervene and collaborate to obtain Innovative Concepts. 

In Milan the prestigious Scuola Politecnica di Design has set up a master’s degree, with highly qualified international teachers. All students participating in the Master in Food Design have the opportunity to develop specific skills and become so-called “designers of the food industry.”

But getting back to our favorite theme, Weddings: the next time you’re invited to a Wedding, in addition to the location, to the floral decorations and the bride’s dress, do not forget to reserve a certain curiosity to the aesthetics of the food. Or, if and when you will be involved in the organization of your Wedding, consider the opportunity to contact a specialist who can help in the creation of a high-class reception!