Wedding on a boat near Venice

An exclusive reception aboard a sailing ship offshore from the most romantic Italian city

Accomodation nerby
Event capacity Up to 20 guests
Ceremony Symbolic

What’s more elegant and prestigious than a wedding on a boat? Well, we would say a wedding on a sailing ship… near Venice, the most romantic city in Italy. Wind in your hair, love in your hearts: raise anchor and get married in this exclusive setting.

Luxurious wedding on a boat near Venice

If you’ve been dreaming of a one-of-a-kind event to celebrate your love, nothing is more suitable than a wedding on a boat off the shores of Italy.

Just picture you and your betrothed walking across the bridges and along the alleys of Venice, while a professional photographer takes the best shots of the two of you. Is there anything more perfect than this, to start such an important experience?

On the chosen day, then, you’ll pronounce your vows on a beach near Venice, and then set out with your closest family and friends towards a magnificent sailing ship that can host up to 20 people. You will have an amazing Wedding offshore, initiating them with your unique wedding reception: dinner, a lavish party, private DJ and – why not – fireworks to top it off. Nothing could be more memorable than this.

Amaze your guests with an exclusive wedding

Our team of expert wedding planners loves to design impeccable and carefully crafted events. We turned this intimate wedding on a boat near Venice into a package that you can customize following your deepest desires.

Here is what’s always included:

  • pre-wedding photo and video session in Venice (the days before the Wedding)
  • symbolic wedding ceremony on the beach (we can provide the celebrant too)
  • music for the ceremony
  • toast on the beach
  • transfer to the sailing ship, where you’ll have a premier dinner and the party (with DJ)
  • photographer and videographer throughout the event
  • wedding cake
  • flowers & decor
  • wedding planning & design

Price: from € 32.900 (for 20 guests and ship rental).
Of course you can request extra services: just let us know, and we will do our best to create an extraordinary wedding.

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