Why more than a Wedding?

Because if you decide to come and get married here in Italy, from wherever in the world, it will not only be a wedding.
If you choose Italy, you will embark yourself in a full “life experience”, an adventure of the senses that will change your life and the lives of your guests forever.

Italy as a Wedding Destination means you will ride through sunny hills, admire olive trees and vineyards grown with passion and love, visit ancient cities, castles and historic abbeys or beautiful medieval and Renaissance cities!

But getting married in Italy will also be an adventure for your palate: you will taste the most genuine oils and wines produced by local estates in Tuscany, Umbria, Emilia Romagna and Marche.
Cheeses and meats that will turn you into a vegan after eating them, knowing that it will be unlikely to taste such an explosion of flavor ever again. Everything, of course, of the highest quality and purest freshness.

Imagine the poetry of tasting homemade pasta while sipping a glass of delicate Chianti, perhaps in the terrace of a typical osteria in village of the Tuscan countryside…

Imagine after that to take walk in search of souvenirs in local craft shops or to read a book in the heavenly peace of the garden of one of our villas.

And maybe, before the sunset, swimming in the pool or having an aperitivo in the quiet and fresh shade of the patio.

“And what about the wedding preparations?” you may ask, “What about last minute inconveniences?”, “What about all the boring and stressful things a wedding comes with?”

Your Wedding Planner will be taking care of those, do not worry!

The Wedding Day is just the tip of an iceberg, the acme of a project that requires from six months to a year of preparations, planning and careful organization, that we will take complete and perfect care of, based on your needs and requests.

The logistics will be planned in minute detail, the style will be what you have always dreamed of, the food will be excellent.

We will be at your side, providing help and solutions for any need you or your guests might have.

It will be all set! It will be all fun! You just need to ask us, it’s not that difficult!

To start planning your wedding, please contact us here.