Getting married in Italy for a non Catholic couple might seem as a complicated thing to do. Well, on the contrary, it is one of the most simple Ceremonies to organize!

The only important thing to remember, as often is with many of the matters relating to celebrating a wedding in Italy, is to contact with enough advance the Protestant Pastor who will officiate the marriage. We, at Paolo Cicognani Weddings & Events, have an excellent relationship with local Protestant pastors and we can assist you in every step of the process.

The couple must present at the Town Hall a letter (the pastor can provide the letter model) communicating the intention of celebrating the marriage in front of a minister of the Adventist Worship.
 Along with the mentioned letter you will need to provide the following documentation:
• Birth Certificate
• Certificate of citizenship
• A certificate stating you are not currently married
• Certificate of residency

The Town Hall will also provide the so called “Nulla Osta” (a formal authorization certificate) in two copies, one to be delivered to the Pastor on the Wedding Day, where you will need to indicate the municipality where the marriage will be officiated (must be specified when requesting the public notification of marriage).

The Protestant Ceremony can be celebrated in many places: Anglican and Protestant Churches, of course, but also Catholic Churches (with consent of the local Curia) but above all Villas, Castles, Farmhouses, etc…

 Also, our advice is to always celebrate the Ceremony at the same Venue in which you hold the following Wedding Reception, to avoid the nuisances and complications of moving all of your guests, the important thing is to choose the right place and this is where we come in play, our specialty.

So, to conclude: Protestant Ceremony + Wedding Reception in the same location is the ideal solution, just contact us in advance and we’ll think about everything!