Yuo feel happy because you have just reserved a BeaUtiful Villa or Castle for your Wedding in Italy. It is time to select a very important vendor for the most important day of your life: the Caterer. What you should bear in mind is:

1) Your Budget

2) The type of Reception

3) The Reputation

1) THE BUDGET: Professional Caterers who have grown up an important reputation over many years can not be lower than certain prices. They need to cover a huge overhead like every company with employees and fixed costs. If you hired a good Wedding Planner they know who to recommend. If not you can ask the Venue or do some research online. But take some time to speak with somebody expert in the Wedding Industry. A simple good dish does not make a Caterer qualified.

2) TYPE OF RECEPTION: Do not forget the Caterer needs some important info to send you a quote:

– Your Wedding Date

– If you have any other Events like a Welcome Party the previous day or a Brunch the next day

– Approx number of guests

– Type of Reception: Aperitif + Dinner (State where at the wedding venue you would like to hold them and listen to the planner or caterer advice)

– If you want an after dinner American Bar? Where? Usually indoor as in most locations outdoor music is allowed until 11.30pm/Midnight

Type of Table setting and furniture you wish: that the Caterer has in the warehouse or something different to be rented?

All these factors affect the price of the proposal they will submit to you.

3) REPUTATION: you can definitely find several reviews on the Caterers, but it would be helpful to find out how long they have been working on the market and the organization and structure they have built up.

If it is a young caterer, it is not taken for granted they are not reliable but I would suggest to hire somebody in Italy who at least would make a deeper evalution and check how professional and equipped they are.

It is not a question of mere quality of the food, but how the company is organized with laboratories, staff, professional waiters, how long does their service last for a 3-course Dinner and some other aspects.