Luxury anniversary and vow renewal in Italy

Tuscany is a world-famous destination for incredible weddings, but it’s ideal for other kinds of celebrations too. A family milestone, a meaningful birthday, or maybe a luxury wedding anniversary with vow renewal in Italy, that everyone will cherish forever. Karen and Ian decided to honor their 25 years of marriage with an exceptional event framed by the elegant Villa Scorzi: read on, and get inspired.

Karen and Ian’s luxury anniversary in Villa Scorzi, Tuscany

Can a couple be so in love that they wish to fly to the other side of the world to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary with a vow renewal in Italy? The answer is: absolutely yes! Karen and Ian, a long-lasting couple who lives in a beautiful villa in Florida, chose to have their party in Tuscany, with Paolo Cicognani and his team as their Italian wedding planners.

Villa Scorzi, a historic and peaceful residence conveniently located near the city of Pisa, was the setting of this memorable event characterized by the finest and most exquisite details – everything was designed by our team to meet, and exceed, Karen and Ian’s desires.

It was a 4-days long family reunion, enriched by events of all kinds – from barbecues to pizza parties – with music to make everything even more special. And of course the highlight of it all: the vow renewal ceremony followed by a wedding dinner located in the cozy internal courtyard of Villa Scorzi.

An exclusive vow renewal in Italy

Imagine a luxury anniversary celebration, and take it to the next level of elegance and sophistication: that’s how this vow renewal in Italy looked like – and how yours could look like too, with us as your Italian wedding planners.

It all started even before the ceremony: while getting ready, the bride’s daughter and friends were wearing silk robes whose colors and pattern matched the theme chosen for the whole event: a detail that set the tone for what was going to come.

Karen and Ian were welcomed to the ceremonial space by two pillars holding a triumph of purple orchids and hortensia. The bride, who wore a splendid dress and amazing Jimmy Choo shoes, opted for a flower corsage at her wrist instead of the classic bouquet.

The dinner table, surrounded by Luigi XVI-style chairs, was the epitome of luxury – as you can see from the photos taken by Jules Bower. The gold of candle holders and service plates met the different shades of purple of fresh orchids and hortensia. The regal atmosphere was crowned by a tiered cake decorated in gold and purple for a perfect match.

Here are the words that Karen and Ian shared with us after their lavish vow renewal in Italy:

“We had a lot of fun planning our Tuscany Dream 25th Wedding Vow Renewal with you. Thank you for your time and expertise. All the details were stunning and gorgeous and all the vendors were great to work with. Thank you for your friendship and please stay in touch with your Florida friends.”

If you also dream of an unforgettable wedding anniversary with vow renewal in Italy, or any other kind of luxurious family gathering, get in touch with Paolo Cicognani & team: we will be happy to plan a bespoke event for you.