A Stunning 13th Century Castle

When you round the bend in the road, the stunning 13th-century ivy-covered towers appear like magic from behind the forests that hid the grounds just moments before.

Castello di Celsa was originally built in the 13th century, but it was updated and refurbished in the 16th century by the Celsi family.

Since 1612, the castle has been handed down a line of women, and it’s been in the same family for the past 400 years!

In the 1800s, further renovations were instructed to raise the east tower and crown it with battlements.

Today, the ancient stone structure is surrounded by manicured gardens, while wild ivy climbs the sides. It’s the perfect balance of luxury and nature for a casual or formal wedding.

You can see the potential here at Love My Dress. They published our wedding photoshoot. We highlight some stunning features of the castle itself and the surrounding grounds, like ivy-covered stone walls with blossoming flowers, or intriguing old architecture. You can see our wedding video here to experience the full beauty of a wedding on the grounds.

Stay at the home for Lemon Trees

The Limonaia used to shelter lemon trees throughout chilly Italian winters, which is how it got its name. But today, it’s been renovated to house guests. Those lemon trees still decorate the gardens around the castle and fill the air with a fresh citrus scent. 

The Limonaia has room to house an extra ten guests in addition to the ten that can stay in the castle. Recently, it’s been completely restored. The restoration preserved its original characteristics, but it gives guests privacy and modern touches. Guests can wander around the stunning gardens or relax poolside away from the festivities.

Get Married Surrounded by Verdant Gardens

The stunning gardens surrounding the castle are worth a visit all on their own. They merge the verdant, rolling Italian countryside with the old buildings and man-made structures to create a sense of pure calm and balance. 

Couples often have a symbolic wedding in the gardens. Here, they’re surrounded by the lemon trees that fill the air with their crisp scent. Clean hedgerows line walkways where guests can sit. The majestic castle turrets paint the background. 

You don’t have to worry about rain. A beautiful terrace and some indoor rooms in the castle are big enough to house your Wedding should the weather turn sour. 

There’s also a small round chapel on the grounds where you can hold your symbolic wedding. 

The chapel sits just below the tallest tower on the grounds. It was designed by the renowned architect Baldassarre Peruzzi. Peruzzi worked on renovations on the castle, and he has famous works throughout Siena and Rome. 

To organize a wedding at the castle and surrounding grounds, you need to work with a well connected Tuscan wedding planner. We can help you get the best accommodations. 

Your Italian Wedding Can Be Everything You Dreamed Of

This castle is one of the most inspiring locales in all of Italy for an elegant wedding in Tuscany. From verdant greenery to total seclusion and privacy, the Castello di Celsa is everything you didn’t know you needed. 

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