Wedding tourism in Italy is a growing phenomenon and, if you are reading these words it means you are probably part of it. But let’s see if you fit this general profile, let’s look at some data:
the British are, above all, those who prefer to get married in Italy, immediately followed by Americans and Russians. Chinese, Indian and Arab do not disdain Italy either. People that decide to come to Italy to exchange their wedding vows are usually wealthy and budgets are generally high.

The tendency is to organize a full-immersion in the Italian taste, culture and lifestyle, rather than “just the wedding”, so the most common choice for couples is a 3 to 7 days stay in Italy, the minimum to have enough time to actually enjoy what the country has to offer. The main attractions that usually make foreign couples get married in Italy are the amazing locations and the delicious food experience one can find here.

Exclusive locations, like villas, castles, fortresses and historic buildings, are the ideal setting for unique events from luxury weddings to more simple ceremonies, for those that love nature and local traditions.
The choice almost always falls upon places that reflect Italian tradition and style: a Michelangelo villa on the Tuscan hills or even ancient rural villages, farms and wineries, an immersion in the past with elegance and romance.

On the food side, Italy offers a great mix of traditions and haute cuisine. The focus is on uniqueness and quality of services offered, keeping alive its guests a real experience, linked to the territory.
 So tastings of traditional Italian cuisine juxtaposed to the wines of the most prestigious labels, both often accompanied by show cooking events.
 An Italian Wedding is not only a time for celebrating but a real discovery of the country for the bride and groom, their families and their guests, so the menu, which almost always falls on Italian traditional cuisine, it often includes traditional recipes of the country of origin of the spouses.

At this point you might be thinking “So what are the ideal Wedding Destinations?”
The most popular choice among the possible locations is, of course, Tuscany and for a number of (the best possible) reasons: culture, history, nature, food & wine, fantastic wedding venues and landscapes.

We offer a selection of possible exclusive wedding-venues that might tickle your enthusiasm, like: Venues in Florence,  Tuscan Hamlets,  Fabulous Castles in Tuscany

But Tuscany is not the only Italian region offering those options, Umbria and Emilia-Romagna, two regions of central Italy bordering eastern Tuscany, could be the perfect alternative if you wish to get married in Italy but want to stand out of the crowd and still have an amazing Italian Wedding.

Umbria and Romagna are not simply two “alternatives” to Tuscany but important elements of Italian history and culture, with a great offer in terms of stunningly beautiful wedding venues.

So what are you waiting for? Italy in all its beauty is waiting for you and we are eager to design your perfect wedding, so if you want more info or suggestions on how to organize your marriage here in Italy, contact us