Plan Your Italian Wedding at This Stunning Luxury Villa 

For your luxurious Italian wedding, you need a location that’s full of historic grandeur while being able to meet your modern needs. You want a place full of history and old-world elegance. But, you also want the modern touches in your wedding to blend right in. 

Fortunately, this magical place you’re thinking of does exist. You’re thinking of the stunning Villa Scorzi. Here’s why Villa Scorzi is the perfect place to plan your Tuscan wedding. 

An Old Villa With Modern Accommodations 

The original Villa Scorzi dates back to the 14th century when it was originally a mansion. But every generation or so, it passed on to a new family, with new ideas for construction or renovations. The grounds gradually grew, and the architecture was like a museum of Italian architecture through the centuries. 

Then, fortunately in the 1990s, the current owners obtained the villa. They painstakingly had it restored to its old glory – but not without its modern touches. That means the entire villa is WiFi accessible and has heating or air conditioning depending on the seasons. 

The Stunning Villa Provides the Perfect Backdrop for Your Elegant Wedding 

When you pull up to the villa, you’re greeted by an impressive 3-story mansion, with tall arches and a domineering clock at its pinnacle. The grounds are decorated with iconic stone statues mixed in among the verdure. The rustic courtyard reminds of country Tuscan Hamlet.

The villa sits on over 6 hectares of ground and landscaped gardens. You can have a legal civil wedding ceremony anywhere on the grounds, though the gardens are the most popular place to hold your wedding. 

The entire villa is the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos, as you can see in our stylized shoot here. It was displayed in the major wedding publication, You and Your Wedding

To get the full idea of how a stunning wedding can be planned with the help of a wedding planner at this villa, see the video here

A Beautiful Backdrop That Matches Your Wedding Vision 

Fortunately, when you get married in a place as magical as this, the villa itself becomes your decor. Your wedding can be unique with only a few additional details, like a wedding arch or statement cutlery. 

Rain or Shine, Your Wedding Will Go On 

The villa offers several different locations on its grounds for a wedding, both indoor and outdoor. That means you never have to worry about rain ruining your wedding. Spaces are available that can accommodate small, intimate groups or larger gatherings.

Additionally, 22 people can stay on the grounds throughout your three-day wedding event. The accommodation capacity will soon reach 30 guests.

Take a Trip to Pisa or Florence 

The villa is just 20 minutes from the airport in Pisa. During your stay, you can plan a trip to see the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa or spend a day in Florence, Italy, only an hour’s drive away. 

Both of these stunning Italian towns are worthy trip destinations all on their own. 

The Right Tuscan Wedding Planner Can Help You Plan a Wedding Fit for Royalty 

This is one of the many luxurious locales throughout Tuscany that are perfect for an elegant wedding for your discerning tastes. We can help you plan everything you need for your Italian wedding so your big day goes off without a hitch. Villa Scorzi owners and managers trust us for our knowledge and reliability.

You never even have to visit your destination during planning – the right team can assure everything goes perfectly, even if you approve it over Skype, FaceTime, or Whatsapp

If you’re ready for a wedding fit for royalty while still watching the budget, contact us today to see how we can help.